Imagine someone who is well loved and respected among their peers. A real asset to their career and an absolute joy to their coworkers. Maybe this is someone with children who are enjoying their own levels of accomplishments. Maybe they have small children that they are helping learn to walk or potty train. Perhaps their … Continue reading Imagine…

What If

I recently come across a picture on social media that someone had snapped of an elderly gentleman standing in line at what appears to be a hardware store. This fellow had on a rather odd homemade-looking hat and a pair of rubber boots. He also wore a face mask. This photo was taken solely because … Continue reading What If


Jon had been standing on the bridge for hours, long since watching the sun go down. Rush hour traffic had faded and the world was getting quieter. Jon reflected on the many wrong turns he had made in his life, all leading to this moment. Failed marriage, failed career, failing health - it seemed to … Continue reading Heroes

Saving the world ain’t easy.

It's product review time again! Faithful readers will know that every now and then a product comes by that deserves some extra attention - and I am just the guy to give it. So without further adieu, let's talk paper towel…Recently I was wandering through my favourite grocery store and on my list, right between … Continue reading Saving the world ain’t easy.

The Difference?

Random thought...Let's imagine that I start making moonshine in my garage. Now of course there are laws in place and it is against federal law to distill hard alcohol (even for personal consumption) without a license. This prohibits me from legally making moonshine, but it really isn't that difficult to do. All of the ingredients … Continue reading The Difference?

Conspiracy 101 – use your tin wisely

Lately the subject of "tinfoil hats" has come to my attention a few times so I feel it is necessary to help dispell some inaccuracies that are common around their construction. Whether it's 5G networks, mind control rays, chemtrails, space lasers or any of a number of other conspiracies against you (the list is endless … Continue reading Conspiracy 101 – use your tin wisely