The Yellow Dress

It was a picture perfect day, the sun shining brightly, the kind of day a Mom dreams of for her daughter’s wedding. Her little girl looked so gorgeous in her pretty yellow dress, which was untraditional of course but it was her daughter’s favourite colour so the choice was obvious. She thought back, yellow had … Continue reading The Yellow Dress


The Top Button

I’m a guy and I hang up clothes the way most guys do: if it manages to stay off the floor then I’ve done my job. In our household there are no “blue” and “pink” jobs, my wife and I share responsibilities, chores and duties as required. You are just as likely to find my … Continue reading The Top Button

The Moosinator Car Cleaning System

If you are like me, you hate digging under the seats of your vehicle to clean out the black hole that seems to exist there. Worry no more, I have developed a great new system for checking for lost gloves, empty coffee cups or a rogue French-fry lost in the dark abyss beneath your heated … Continue reading The Moosinator Car Cleaning System

The Accidental Santa

Due to some unforeseen circumstances I recently had the extreme pleasure of playing “Santa” for a group of kids at a Christmas party. Like any self-respecting adult, my first thought was “I’d rather stick needles in my eye”. Those who believe in karma should have no trouble piecing together what kind of person I must have … Continue reading The Accidental Santa

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

How he loved this time of year. He enjoyed watching all of the seasons come and go, but this one had always been his favourite. The colourful lights strung across storefronts, the Christmas music playing softly, the friendly smiles from strangers. Tonight was also the official City Light-up Ceremony so there was more activity than … Continue reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

The Academy Award Goes To: Living With Pain

People who live with persistent pain are big fakers. There, I said it. I live with someone with persistent pain every day and I see this acting first hand. She is such a good actor in fact that even as close as we are, sometimes I miss the signs. Oh, she isn’t acting about having … Continue reading The Academy Award Goes To: Living With Pain

Back to basics – Saving money or saving our souls?

Not that long ago the world was a simpler place, although it may have been more work than we have currently grown accustomed to; we only need to talk to our parents or our grandparents for a glimpse into what life was like before all of the conveniences came along to make every moment of … Continue reading Back to basics – Saving money or saving our souls?