I’m Sorry

I curled up in my kennel and waited for someone – anyone – to come and visit me. It had been a whirlwind couple of days but here, alone in the quiet with nothing but white walls and cold cement around me, I am able to reflect. I had been so happy, with good food and lots of playtime. My owner loved me so much and we used to go on walks to the park every day. I don’t know why she kept throwing the ball but I always ran to fetch it for her, returning it in exchange for love and praise – only for her to accidentally drop it for me to fetch again. Sometimes it flew so far when she dropped it! This was our favourite game and we spent hours in the sunshine, just the two of us and our precious ball.
When the little new person came into our lives I knew it was someone special. I was always so gentle with this tiny little person. It seemed to cry a lot so I knew I had to help to take care of it. The new little person was named Lucy and she would quickly become my favourite human. I watched her as she grew to where she could crawl on all fours, and soon even walk on her back two legs, a trick I never quite mastered! Her new found mobility really made our playtime more fun and Lucy and I grew to be best friends. I really had the greatest life with my loving owner and my little buddy who cuddled me as I watched her fall asleep every night.
One day we had a new person come to our house. I named this one “Bad Person”. Bad Person never liked me and was only nice while other people were around. When we were alone, Bad Person was mean to me. Sometimes dragging me by the collar to throw me outside. Sometimes Bad Person even hurt me. I hate Bad Person.
The thought of Bad Person has made me uncomfortable so I stand up and turn in a tiny circle in my cramped quarters. This kennel really makes me miss my little best friend’s bed. I put my head on my paws and sigh again, my thoughts turning back to the recent events.
I had been sleeping on the couch when I felt something touch my tail. Before I was fully awake my tail was yanked hard, almost pulling me off the couch. It must be Bad Person! This time it has gone too far! Enough! I turned and snapped, vowing to show Bad Person I wasn’t to be messed with! Except it wasn’t Bad Person at all. It was my little Lucy! I knew I had done something wrong the moment Lucy screamed. I was so confused, I ran to hide as my owner was yelling and the screaming continued. It was all a blur. How could I hurt my precious Lucy! I would die for her! How could I be so stupid! I had been so sure it was Bad Person behind me! 
My thoughts are broken again, this time by voices and footsteps coming down the hall. People! I need to show them how sorry I am! How I will love my little Lucy forever!
The white coats appear and I realize it is not my owner, or my Lucy, coming to see me. I had made such a mistake, my own people do not love me anymore – they wont even come and visit me. I peer up through the bars and try to muster a small tail wag.
The kennel door is opened and one of the white coats coaxes me out. This one seems nice enough, the voice is soothing. I recognize “good boy” out of the jumble of words. Suddenly I feel the small prick of a needle in my leg – I’ve had enough shots to know that needles are ok so it doesn’t bother me. Maybe if I’m brave and be good my people will come back?
This needle makes me feel funny right away though – not like the others. Suddenly I am so sleepy. I need to lay my head down for a short nap. I hope that when I wake up my people will be there again. It’s so cold and lonely here. As I close my eyes and let the darkness wash over me I have one final thought. “I’m sorry I hurt you Lucy. I love you.”

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