The Difference?

Random thought…
Let’s imagine that I start making moonshine in my garage. Now of course there are laws in place and it is against federal law to distill hard alcohol (even for personal consumption) without a license. This prohibits me from legally making moonshine, but it really isn’t that difficult to do. All of the ingredients are readily accessible, it just takes some inexpensive equipment and a little know how and boom, the moonshine is flowing. I’m not allowed to legally sell it either obviously, but I soon discover that there are people who love my moonshine. In fact the demand is higher than I anticipated so I decide to quietly start selling my precious blend for cash. Hey, I’m just giving the people what they want, and if I make a few bucks in the process I’m helping the economy! Soon things are going great and my secret business is booming. My customers all know to keep quiet and we can continue our relationship forever. They all quickly grow to trust my discretion and expertise. One day I decide my moonshine would taste better with a little cyanide in it. My clients still trust me of course so they continue to drink my product. Suddenly my customers are turning up dead by the hundreds, or even thousands. In fact, cyanide laced moonshine quickly becomes the number one cause of death in males aged 19 – 39. I don’t care because I’m making a fortune, so I continue producing and selling my mixture.
While I am careful, this is a risky business and one day I slip up; the police finally catch me. I am caught red handed with a bag full of cash and a trunk load of cyanide poisoned moonshine. Upon my arrest I would expect to have some serious mental health assessments done. What kind of a madman would purposely poison his clients, or anyone for that matter? Assuming I was found mentally fit to stand trial I would then be stuffed in a jail cell for my remaining years. I would most likely make international news in fact. Every news department in the world would carry the story of the mad Canadian who was poisoning people with cyanide.

Now replace the words “cyanide laced moonshine” with “fentanyl laced drugs” in this tale and try to figure out why we dont lock up drug dealers and throw away the key?

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