Imagine someone who is well loved and respected among their peers. A real asset to their career and an absolute joy to their coworkers. Maybe this is someone with children who are enjoying their own levels of accomplishments. Maybe they have small children that they are helping learn to walk or potty train. Perhaps their children are school age and need some support with their homework or advice on making friends. This person may even have successful adult children who they have nurtured, supported and helped mold into fine adults themselves.
Imagine that this person has friends that adore them. Friends who look forward to the next time they get to spend time together. Friends that would drop everything to help them whenever needed. Maybe this person gives freely of their own time, selflessly working with charities and fundraisers to help make the world a better place.
By all accounts this person is rich beyond monetary constraints, with family, friends, co-workers and others who love them.
Now imagine that this incredible person gets out of bed in the morning, steps on a small pad on the floor and then, in spite of everything they’ve accomplished and everyone in their lives who loves them, they base their entire self value on the number that pops up on that display.

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