The Yellow Dress


It was a picture perfect day, the sun shining brightly, the kind of day a Mom dreams of for her daughter’s wedding. Her little girl looked so gorgeous in her pretty yellow dress, which was untraditional of course but it was her daughter’s favourite colour so the choice was obvious. She thought back, yellow had been her baby girls favourite for as long as she could remember; from running and squealing amongst the dandelions as a toddler to proudly proclaiming that Belle was the best Disney Princess (look at her dress mom!), the colour had always held her daughters adoration. Mom finds her thoughts drifting to her daughter’s high school prom, again with an elegant yellow dress, hair and makeup done to perfection. That infectious and slightly mischievous smile her daughter wore always brightened her day, made her world a better place and she would cherish that moment forever. Her beautiful daydream was interrupted by a well-dressed man somberly offering his condolences. Who was he? She couldn’t place it, he was familiar but there were so many people around. Her confusion opened the door back to reality and it all came crashing in, a tsunami of grief and sorrow. There was no wedding and there would be no prom; Cancer had taken those dreams away. Her baby girl was only 6 years old and the pretty yellow dress her daughter has on is the one she will be buried in today.

2 thoughts on “The Yellow Dress

  1. Oh my this hit home, only purple was her favourite colour. My grandaughter, forever four and lost to DIPG, a “rare” brain cancer. May is brain tumor awareness month (gray ribbon) and Gold ribbon for childhood cancer awareness month in September. Condolences to her family.


  2. I so much hope this was not your child or the child of your friend or family member. I have gone through it once thirty years ago with a neighbor who lost her just-5-year-old son to cancer. I do not know how anyone bears that pain. I lost my only sister to cancer when she was only 58, but despite my grief then and now, i cannot stand to think of that loss for any parent.


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