Back to basics – Saving money or saving our souls?

Not that long ago the world was a simpler place, although it may have been more work than we have currently grown accustomed to; we only need to talk to our parents or our grandparents for a glimpse into what life was like before all of the conveniences came along to make every moment of … Continue reading Back to basics – Saving money or saving our souls?

Online Buying and Selling – bargain hunting or a twisted social experiment?

We live in an age of unfathomable technology and information. The world is, quite literally, at our fingertips. We can be sitting on the couch watching Seinfeld reruns, pick up our phone and place an order for a George Costanza bobblehead figurine from another country and have it shipped to our doorstep in time for … Continue reading Online Buying and Selling – bargain hunting or a twisted social experiment?

Ride on, Gord

I wrote this piece for Mountain Sledder Magazine but it has some life lessons that apply even if you are not a "snowmobiler", so I've shared it onto the blog. Life is short, make the most of every moment my friends - sooner or later the shadows fall on every mountain top. Link is below: Ride on, Gord  

Thanksgiving Needs More Cowbell

Happy Thanksgiving.  It's that tiny window in our year, wedged between summer frolic and Halloween.  I say wedged because Halloween is a full two month ordeal around our house, with decorating, planning meals for a Halloween party, designing costumes - there's very little time for this turkey nonsense to be honest.  However it still is … Continue reading Thanksgiving Needs More Cowbell

Kita the Adventure Dog

It was the summer of 2005 when we were visiting a close friend down in Kamloops BC, about 6 hours drive from our home.  In the backyard that our friend shared with his neighbor was this scrawny little pup that was, for the most part, neglected by her owners.  This pup was the friendliest little … Continue reading Kita the Adventure Dog

Look For the Helpers

How many times have you heard someone say “I have lost all faith in humanity?” How many people yearn for the “good old days” of people helping people instead of the egocentric, self-serving examples of human action that we see far too often in today’s world? Sometimes it seems like we are alone in this … Continue reading Look For the Helpers