The Academy Award Goes To: Living With Pain

People who live with persistent pain are big fakers. There, I said it. I live with someone with persistent pain every day and I see this acting first hand. She is such a good actor in fact that even as close as we are, sometimes I miss the signs. Oh, she isn’t acting about having … Continue reading The Academy Award Goes To: Living With Pain

Back to basics – Saving money or saving our souls?

Not that long ago the world was a simpler place, although it may have been more work than we have currently grown accustomed to; we only need to talk to our parents or our grandparents for a glimpse into what life was like before all of the conveniences came along to make every moment of … Continue reading Back to basics – Saving money or saving our souls?

Sometimes a Motorcycle is More Than Just a Ride

  Growing up in northern British Columbia, my brothers and I always had motorcycles - in fact I cannot recall a time when I didn't have one. Minibikes and then dirtbikes, two strokes or four, motorcycles have always been a method of expanding my world, a mode of transportation, allowing me to visit friends or … Continue reading Sometimes a Motorcycle is More Than Just a Ride

Ride on, Gord

I wrote this piece for Mountain Sledder Magazine but it has some life lessons that apply even if you are not a "snowmobiler", so I've shared it onto the blog. Life is short, make the most of every moment my friends - sooner or later the shadows fall on every mountain top. Link is below: Ride on, Gord  

Kita the Adventure Dog

It was the summer of 2005 when we were visiting a close friend down in Kamloops BC, about 6 hours drive from our home.  In the backyard that our friend shared with his neighbor was this scrawny little pup that was, for the most part, neglected by her owners.  This pup was the friendliest little … Continue reading Kita the Adventure Dog

Look For the Helpers

How many times have you heard someone say “I have lost all faith in humanity?” How many people yearn for the “good old days” of people helping people instead of the egocentric, self-serving examples of human action that we see far too often in today’s world? Sometimes it seems like we are alone in this … Continue reading Look For the Helpers

What I really want for Fathers Day

As it's June now and us dad's have our big day fast approaching, I thought I would take a few moments and write a wish list for my girls for father's day.  I know I can be hard to shop for and sometimes finding the perfect gift is difficult so this handy little guide should make … Continue reading What I really want for Fathers Day

We all have burdens to carry

Picture yourself standing in a large room filled with 1000 other people, and anyone who has ever lost their job is asked to sit down.  Now anyone who has had a divorce or bad breakup, if they would please sit down as well.  Maybe you have a sick child that kept you up all night, … Continue reading We all have burdens to carry